Afkomstig van Wederom durft men het woord THC niet te gebruiken. Duidelijk is dat zij THC gebruikten, en niet (alleen) CBD. In het blog schrijft zijn vriendin dat zij de REAL cannabisoil gebruikten en niet “only CBD” . Verder gebruikten ze nog intraveneuze vit C en DCA (dichlooracetaat).

So now that I’ve had the better part of 24 hours to let this all sink in…. HELL F***KN YAAAASSSSS!!!!

I can not explain how shocked we all are to see such positive results on this MRI. I have literally been shaking like a leaf since yesterday morning. I feel like I’m vibrating such positive energy my body doesn’t even know how to handle it!

Putting your heart and soul into something, having every single dream become a reality, and the confirmation that you were doing the right thing all along is a really… really good feeling. It actually worked! I wasn’t full of shit!

It wasn’t a miracle, it was CANNABIS.

Ive got my George here for a long time coming and I couldn’t be happier. We will not let this go quietly. WE ARE GOING TO THE PRESS!

Watch this space because we are coming in HOT!!

Thank you so much everybody for all your continued support. You literally gave us our lives back. We love you all so much.

George has said it all in a post yesterday that has gone absolutely VIRAL so I’ll just copy and past that here for you:

So today went really really well.

After some stressful days building up to ‘the big reveal’ today.. me and nat nervously walked into our appointment to meet my doctor, only to find out the best news we could have even imagined.

Back in December (first pic), I was told I probably wouldn’t survive much longer and the meds I was being prescribed were destroying me hardcore. So I came off those by choice and chose a more natural path with REAL cannabis oil (not just CBD)..

Months tick on and I feel like a completely new person. Alive and friggin kicking – but with no images to see if the oils were working.. no idea if I was healthy or not.

That said, todays long awaited MRI results simply blew the doctors (and our) minds, he literally said it was the best day of his medical career!!! In short, I’m ‘essentially’ cancer free in less than a year and they want to write medical journals and all sorts!

I’m not cleared just yet. And don’t want to hype it up to much (the doc hyped it up for us) but it’s more than obvious cannabis oil straight up works.. well. Clearing 12 tumours (the one in the picture is just 1 of many tumours) in less than a year.

Being completely blessed with amazing, loving friends all around the world, incredible family and my absoloutely incredible girlfriend Natalie being by my side has been the life line I needed to stay on track, reminded me why I needed to stay on track and I cannot thank all you amazing souls enough for being there!